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We feel your furnace is one of the most important yet over looked appliances you have in your home. If you think about it, your furnace could possibly operate every month of the year if you have central air conditioning installed. Forced air heating is the most popular way to heat here in North America. For this reason we have furnace products available from one of the most trusted brand names in the furnace business. We proudly offer you furnaces by York in a variety of heating outputs to service your exact needs.

Please review our product offering after you have a chance to determine what options are right for me. To learn more about any product just click on the underlined text in the chart. Remember no matter which product you decide to purchase, we'll never leave you out in the cold. We're available 24 hours a day with our Emergency Service technicians always available. Ask us how you can be set up on our annual calling list for routine maintenance.

York has designated Nottawasaga Mechanical as a York Certified Comfort Expert (CCE) dealer for its dedication and high standards of installation and service performance with the York product.

Please feel free to to view Heating with Gasan information pamphlet our government has prepared.

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York Modulating gas furnace YP9C

YP9C Affinity Series Model.
One of the most efficient furnace on the Planet!
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TM9V LX Series Model
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If you own a home with a mid-efficiency furnace you may be affected by the January 1st, 2010 Canada-wide phase out of new mid-efficiency natural gas furnaces.

How Does This Affect You?

Effective January 1st, 2010, Canada has prohibited the manufacturing and importing of all natural gas mid-efficiency furnaces.

Going forward, you can only install a high-efficiency furnace in your home. For many homeowners, installing the required venting for a high-efficiency furnace is much more difficult due to venting clearance requirements of the Ontario Gas Code.
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What's right for me?

Gas furnaces, like everything today, have a variety of features and options for you to choose from. We'll break it down here for you. There is now only one main type of forced air furnace available: Prior to Januay 1, 2010 Mid-efficient 80% models (this type re-uses your existing chimney) were available to purchase but now only High Efficient 90% plus models (this type can vent out the side wall) are availabel for purchase. This was a goverment mandate o eliminate new installations of mid-efficient furnaces. THe high efficient models have a variety of features for you to choose from to customize your home comfort (these features also could be applied to comfort in your office too). Features as single stage operation, two stage operation, variable speed blowers, multi-stage and modulating capacity, deluxe sound dampening models, and special features that optimize humidifier, air conditioner and other comfort accessories.

Single Stage Operation:

This is presently the most simple type of furnace available. How does this type of furnace work? Basically when your thermostat calls for heat, your furnace fires up at full throttle until your thermostat is satisfied. That's great when it's -30C or colder outside, a single stage furnace will give you nice quick heat. The problem though is that every day of the winter will not be as cold as -30C. When your furnace has only one stage it will generally over heat your home (or office) on all other days. Why is that? At times where you have a long run cycle such as after the overnight period and you programmable thermostat kicks the heat up a few degrees there will be residual heat in the ductwork after the thermostat turns off the burners, because of this, it is possible that the temperature will 'over shoot' your thermostat setting by a few degrees. On run cycles where the furnace just needs to top up the temperature it will only runs for a very short time so it can lose some efficiency. For added comfort and more precise temperature control we suggest a more full featured furnace such as a multi-stage model with a digital thermostat.

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Two Stage Operation:

A furnace with two stages of heat gives you, the user, a little better temperature control, better comfort, & improved air filtration through longer run times at a lower heat output versus a single stage model. How do these furnaces work? A two stage furnace turns on at about half capacity and will run on low until one of two possible variables occurs, either a factory installed timer says enough is enough and sends the furnace into high or if your system is equipped with a two stage thermostat the thermostat will decide when the furnace is going to run at full capacity.Once the thermostat is satisfied there is usually less residual heat lingering inside the ductwork so your set temperature is much closer to actual.The longer run times ensure your furnace hits 'steady state' efficiency almost every time it turns on saving you a little on your fuel bill.The fans are also running longer so there will be less cold spots through out the house, and remember when the fans are running the air returning to the furnace runs through your filter to help improve the quality of the air you breathe.


Variable Blowers:

The term variable blower is used a little loosely by different furnace manufactures. Essentially a variable blower does not necessarily mean self correcting or modulating. It normally refers to the fact that the main blower is a high efficiency simulated DC or ECM powered motor. For convenience I'll use the term simulated DC to describe this type of motor because there are several motor manufacturers out there and ECM is only one type. Most simulated DC blower motor manufacturers employ many speed options in the blower set-up from the factory. When it comes time to install the furnace in your home the installer (that's us) needs to choose the correct five or so speeds to suit your application. A simulated DC powered blower consumes only a fraction of the power a regular furnace blower (which is AC powered) does. If your simulated DC blower is operated in a continuous flow fashion it will dramatically improve comfort, improve air quality, and increase your air conditioners' efficiency, while reducing overall operation sound levels.We strongly suggest that you consider purchasing a furnace with this type of blower, as it will generally pay for itself in 4 to 5 years using electrical rates here in North Bay. Furnaces equipped with simulated DC powered blowers have quickly become our best sellers. Of course our government has published some research findings regarding simulated DC powered furnace blowers, click here for more information.


Modulating or Multi-Stage Capacity:

A modulating furnace is for those who want the absolute best product your valuable money can buy. Modulating furnaces offer you the most precise control you can have over your home comfort. Modulating furnaces have a self adjusting (or self correcting) blower and gas heat output to exactly match the heating requirements of your home moment by moment (yes it checks the output every 0.45 sec or so and will adjust). The best modulating furnaces will also have an ECM powered blower to give really controlled comfort. Because of the highly advanced self adjusting nature of this type of furnace it will run quite a bit more often at a much lower consumption and sound rate than you're used to with a regular furnace. The on board logic control system will reach unparalleled comfort and energy savings for you and your family. Be sure to check out the 9M and 9C by York.


Deluxe Models:

Deluxe models as opposed to "builder grade" often have sound insulation, rubber mounted blowers and better grade heat exchangers installed to achieve better efficiencies to save you more money on heating costs, and operate with less noise. Usually deluxe models also have other features such as additional fan speeds so we can adjust air flow to better match your needs, continuous fan availability, plug-in's for air cleaners or humidifiers and other comfort accessories.


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